Frequently Asked Questions

What does this company do? Why should I choose you?

Cosmobeauti Lab is committed to providing the best customer service and quality to your product needs. We were founded in 1997 as a manufacturer of liquid hair preparation and skin care products. The primary focus of our company is manufacturing as a contract packager by providing complete product line support from research and development of formulations through the procurement and conversion of raw materials and components. We are licensed by the California Department of Health Services and the US Food and Drug Administration. We are also a FDA approved facility, ATF registered, CGMP approved and a member of the CTFA. 

We are committed to both helping up-and-coming businesses and big manufacturers in getting their product made to their liking with both private label and custom manufacturing options. Our skilled R&D Department are well qualified to make your product exactly to your needs with amazing support and customer service that comes with working with out Cosmobeauti team. 

What is the minimum order/MOQs  on my product?

Here at Cosmobeauti Lab we try to be assessable to both small and higher-volume mass production clients. To keep our low cost of production while also maintaining a reasonable product size, we typically keep a  3,000 pcs order minimum. Ordering larger amounts will be the most cost effective and come with great large volume prices.

However we are flexible. If you are ordering more than one product with us, the minimum order can be lowered for your needs. Smaller projects will also be considered depending on the type and make of the product/formulation desire.

Can I get a sample? 

We want to make your business with Cosmobeauti lab as easy and affordable as possible! We are completely equipped to give you samples of your product before you decide to place a high volume order with us. You can either do this by sending us an ingredient list or a prototype for us to replicate in the lab. Samples normally take around 2 to 4 weeks depending on what changes you want to make and the quantity of samples needed. 

Once I am satisfied with my product, how long does manufacturing it take?

Once you are completely happy with the product that you have decided on, we will start manufacturing right away. This will take about 2-4 weeks depending on the size of your order and other factors of your order.

How much is each product?

Each customer we take have very unique and specific requirements to their products. Depending on what our client is looking for in product amount, private label, custom manufacturing, samples, and packaging, the cost varies.

If I want to ship internationally, will you help with that process?

Yes we offer support for shipping internationally as we have partners all over the globe with reaches into the Middle East, Asia, Europe, and other countries.

What is the difference between custom manufacturing and private label formulas?

For our clients looking for a more unique product line, custom manufacturing allows you to have full control over your ingredients and formulation of your product. It will be completely unique and done to your specifications in our lab so that your product is completely customized to your liking. 

Private label formulas are pre-made formulas that are already readily available at our company. We have a wide range of private label formulas you can choose from and by choosing one of private label formulas you can cut down on cost and R&D time. This option provides efficiency and cost effectiveness with the assurance of still having a amazing product.

How can I customize my order?

Our innovative and advanced lab will be able to customize your product however you desire. We are capable of changing the texture, color, smell, and formulation easily. Even specific ingredients that you want changed can be done at our lab to your specifications. 

There was a problem with my order. How can I fix it?

If there is a problem with your order we will work the best we can to fix it. If it is a formulation error, contact us and our R&D department will run tests to change the error and ensure that the quality of the product meets your standards. If it is a packaging error, contact us immediately and our manufacturing line will make the changes that you need to make your product market ready. 

What are your lead-times?

Once a formula has been approved, 2-4 weeks is the usual estimate. Lead time varies depending on the quantity of the product and the complexity of the packaging. We will inform you on your specific time after we determine the requirements of the product you desire. 


If you have any more questions not answered by this FAQ, don't hesitate to contact us by fax (909)-971-9812 or phone (909)-971-9832 during our business hours of 8:30 - 5:30 PST Mon-Fri